Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Summer Must Haves - Make up addition

Just to add some color to the post! :)

Summer is right around the corner, thank god, and in case you didn't know, i live in Ireland. We don't get the best weather here, and defiantly not the hottest summers but as long as the sun is shining it's good enough for me! In the summer months i don't like to wear allot of make up, mainly because it just wont last on my face due to the heat, along with the fact that i don't really like the feeling of a full face of make up in the sometimes sickening humidity. 

Here are some of the Summer must haves, makeup wise:

Looking at it now, that seems like allot of products! No where near what i would wear on a daily basis needless to say, but when used sparingly it all looks pretty natural! 
I find in the dull wintery months, people tend to wear allot more make up, mainly because all the color has been completely washed out of us from lack of sunshine! In the summer, i like to keep my make up neat and subtle, with that warm summer glow! With a bit of luck we will actually get a summer this year haha, 
So, let me know what your go-to products for summer are, or even if you have any recommendations for me :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Style Star - Kendall Jenner

Where do i even start with Kendall Jenner.. she is 5ft 10" of absolute perfection. I am definatly not one of those people who constantly tweet celebs and watch their every move, but i do l keep pretty up to date with Kendall, mainly due to the fact that she is constantly tweeting & posting on Istagram.

We see pictures of Kendall from lounging around in her Juicy tracksuit, to rocking the runway. The main thing i love about Kendall's style, is that is looks effortless, she is always very tidy & put together, but it never looks likes she  has just spent hours getting ready (even though i'm sure she did with help of a couple of make up artists stylist etc..) Then again, how can she not be riddled with style & beauty, look at her family! 

Back in November 2011, Kendall, and her younger sister Kylie won the Style Sisters Award!

I would describe Kendall's style as laid back, but always glamorous, if that makes sense! 
When we see photo's of her from events she is flawless, and of course clothed in the most fashionable designer dresses! 
Another thing i admire is the fact that she is always dressed age appropriate, okay sometimes we see pictures with a little too much skin showing from her belly tops and short-shorts, but Hey! If you've got it fault it! :) In an interview with Celebuzz,  Kendall states that her sisters are her style icons! 

Read the full interview Here!

I have came across a couple of Kendall's interviews on Youtube, and she seems really down to earth! Defiantly not a fame whore or attention seeker from what i can gather. 
So, what are your opinions on the Kendall? Personally i love her, and her style!

Who is your "Style Icon"?

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend catch up!

Hello everybody! Happy Monday :)

This weekend was pretty relaxed, which is what i love after a long week! I work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm, so the weekend is the only time i really have to myself!

Friday evening i stayed in my boyfriends house, watched a DVD's and basically just chilled out! Every Saturday without fail me and the girls either meet up for brunch/lunch or go shopping, this weekend we just went for lunch in a quite little cafe in town. I got a chicken & stuffing Panini which a side salad, i was delish! It was really sunny on Saturday so we got some ice cream after and sat by the Pier, (in my car of course,because it was really windy!) Later in the afternoon the girls and i went back up to my house, and dyed my hair for the first time EVER!! Haha just a few high-lights but still very exciting! I'm a natural blonde but in the winter is goes really dark & a kind of dirty blonde color! So i just thought why not..


Sunday i stayed at home all day! There's nothing better than being curled up with a good book on a horrible day. Last night me & one of the girls went to Eddie Rockets for some dinner, i cannot even begin to describe how much i love Eddie Rockets, i would literally eat it everyday of my life if i could! Chicken Cesar salad with marinated chicken, cheese fries & a chocolate malt, nomnom! Even looking at that picture is making me hungry!

 So basically that sums up my weekend, here are some pictures from 
Instragram i've taken over the weekend, enjoy! 
ThatsHeart from Youtube tweeted me, best moment of my life!

Bewleys Mocha! 

River Island Hotwater Bottle, too cute!

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Benefit High Beam - worth the hype?

Is this little 13ml bottle of Sunshine worth €26.50?
People have their variations of opinions on Benefits High Beam, some good some bad. 
My input is defiantly on the good side!  The first time i purchased this product i got for a fraction of the price at €10 at a Make up trade show in Dublin last year! :) When it eventually ran out i can assure you that i went straight to Debenhams and picked up a newbie for the full price! Here is the Link where you can buy online. 

A few of weeks ago myself & a couple of friends went on a road-trip to Wexford town to have a snoop around. Eventually we made our way to the "Foundation Shop" and as usual it was jam packed full of affordable goodies that force me to empty the contents of my purse!
The foundation shop are known for their amazing dupes of the Higher-end products, i am in noway shape or form a label-whore, if it does the job it's good enough for me! 
While i was having a potter around i can across Sunshine Glow, a product from W7. 


Of course i bought it, mainly due to the fact that it was only like €3!
I will say that the Shine Shine Glow has a much more pinky color to it than High Beam, but when actually applied on the skin, i cant fault it! 

Sorry for the terrible lighting!

On the left it Benefit High Beam, Right is W7 Sun Shine Glow

As you can see from the picture Sun Shine Glow is alot darker in color but when it has been blended i really cant tell the difference. Next time im in either Wexford or bray i will definatly be picking up another couple of bottles! But back to my question, is it worth the hype? YES! I use either my High Beam or Sunshine Glow on a daily basis. I love the dewy finish, and i think we all need a nice glow in these miserable winter months! If you low on funds i would highly recommend Sun shine glow, but if you are prepared to splurge by all mean go for the High Beam! :)

I hope my input has helped for any future purchases! 
Thanks for reading! :)

21 Questions Tag!

I found this on Claire's Blog, which you can find 

1. Are you named after anyone?
Nope! Not that i know if anyway.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Last night! Watching the Boy in The Striped Pajamas!

3. Do you have kids?

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
That's a tough one! I can be really shy around people i don't know, but then as soon as the conversation starts, there is no stopping me ha! I would kind of talk to anyone as long as they seem interested ha! I'm a real people pleaser, (which is not always a good thing!) I tend to think about other people before i think of myself. so basically, Yes, i would be-friend myself! :)

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Yes, but not being rude, just a humor! :)

6. Will you ever bungee-jump?
Not a hope in hell! I wont even go on the G-Force!

7. What's your favourite cereal?
Rice Crispies - Moons & Stars :)

8. What's the first thing you notice about people?
Defiantly TEETH ! not in a shallow kind of way though, because i had braces and have been conscious of my own teeth it is just my initial instinct when i see somebody!

9. What is your eye color?
Some days they are like really dark Brown, lately I've been told their kinda Green though! 

10. Scary movie or happy endings?
Happy endings hands down!

11. Favorite smells?
Miss Dior - Cherie, Armani Code for Men, Shake'n'Vac haha, Clean bed sheets :) 

12. Summer or winter?

13. Computer or television?
Computer, I watch everything on the laptop anyway! :)

14. What's the furthest you've ever been from home?
Umm, Spain maybe? I've been foreign loads of times but i don't know which one was the furthest. 

15. Do you have any special talents?
I dont Irish Dancing from when i was like 3 til i was about 11, i don't know if that's a talent? :)

16. Where were you born?
Dublin, Holles Street :)

17. What are your hobbies?
Shopping, sleeping, basically that's what i do in my spare time haha, oh & now blogging! :)

18. Do you have any pets?
Nope in my house, but my dad has loads!

19. Favourite movie?
Stepbrothers, Breakfast At Tiffanys or The Butterfly Affect

20. Do you have any siblings?
Yep, 2 older brothers & one younger sister

21. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Happy! Haha i know that sounds cheesy but that's all i want :) I don't care where i am or what i'm doing as long as i'm happy! :)

I tag ALL OF YOU!!!! :) :)

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Reveiw - Rimmel "Wake Me Up!" Foundation

I will start off by telling you that i can be a very picky person, I have been searching for the perfect foundation for years! (Yes, i literally mean at least 3 years!)
I have tried everything from MAC to essence, & everything in between.
I am in no way fussy with what brand i use, as long as it does the job! When buying a foundation i always look for something that feels pretty lightweight on the skin, i absolutely  hate feeling cakey! I suppose i can say that i have good skin, but i do get the odd breakout especially when i use products that don't suit my skin type. I have combination skin, but it cant also get very dry & flaky which is a bit of a nuisance! Just a tip - On a day that i am wearing foundation i always exfoliate to reduce and flakiness :)

Anyway, i was in my local pharmacy picking up a prescription a couple of weeks ago, and as you do, i had a snoop around while i was waiting.  (which is not always a good thing!)
I don't know how new this foundation is but it was only in that day in my local. 
One thing i will say, i LOVE the smell of all Rimmel foundations, it's a really clean scent, and not too perfumed either. 
I always make sure to test out the consistency of  any sort of face products on the back of my hand before i buy! Yes, yes i know the skin on the back of your hand in totally different than the skin on your face, but i just know whether it will be right for me or not from experience :)

Please excuse the fact that my hand is about 3 shades darker than the foundation! :)

I really like the fact that it is a lightweight/creamy formula, but it still gives really good coverage, and it is very easy to blend. From using "Wake Me Up" the past couple of weeks i would be sure to repurchase when it eventually runs out. 

My shade is 100 Ivory, but when i am wearing tan i would be sure to use bronzer, the is nothing worse than a white face and and tanned body! :)
I would highly recommend this product to anybody, especially those who has the same fussy needs as myself ! :) I forgot to mention that i paid €6.49 this foundation, really affordable! 

Let me know have you tried this? Or is there anything you would recommend? 

Thanks for reading :) 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review - Avon Nailwear Pro

Firstly, please excuse my awful nail painting skills! I usually let my mum do it but this is what boredom in work results to! :)

My mum is actually a rep for Avon, which means she keeps trying to push all of their products on me haha, I have loved Avon for years, especially their face products, but this has been my first Avon nail polish purchase. 
The color i am wearing in the picture above is from their Nailwear Pro Line, in Aqua Fantasy.

Aqua Fantasy

I will say, it did take a good 3 coats to get it like this, but i love the end result, I actually find it quite similar to O.P.I "Tiffany Blue", which ranges at about €22 per bottle in Ireland (complete rip-off!!), where as the Avon Nailwear Pro ranges from about €4 - €6.50
The gold accent nail is from O.P.I, i cant remember for the life of me what the name was! If i find out i'll be sure to add it on. 

FYI - I'm loving the whole accent nail trend! 

Would i recommend? Defiantly!
Would i Repurchase? I already have! ;) 

Disclaimer: I bought the above with my own money, my mother is not paying me to promote this product, or any other Avon products for that matter haha! :) 

Thanks for reading! :)