Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Style Star - Kendall Jenner

Where do i even start with Kendall Jenner.. she is 5ft 10" of absolute perfection. I am definatly not one of those people who constantly tweet celebs and watch their every move, but i do l keep pretty up to date with Kendall, mainly due to the fact that she is constantly tweeting & posting on Istagram.

We see pictures of Kendall from lounging around in her Juicy tracksuit, to rocking the runway. The main thing i love about Kendall's style, is that is looks effortless, she is always very tidy & put together, but it never looks likes she  has just spent hours getting ready (even though i'm sure she did with help of a couple of make up artists stylist etc..) Then again, how can she not be riddled with style & beauty, look at her family! 

Back in November 2011, Kendall, and her younger sister Kylie won the Style Sisters Award!

I would describe Kendall's style as laid back, but always glamorous, if that makes sense! 
When we see photo's of her from events she is flawless, and of course clothed in the most fashionable designer dresses! 
Another thing i admire is the fact that she is always dressed age appropriate, okay sometimes we see pictures with a little too much skin showing from her belly tops and short-shorts, but Hey! If you've got it fault it! :) In an interview with Celebuzz,  Kendall states that her sisters are her style icons! 

Read the full interview Here!

I have came across a couple of Kendall's interviews on Youtube, and she seems really down to earth! Defiantly not a fame whore or attention seeker from what i can gather. 
So, what are your opinions on the Kendall? Personally i love her, and her style!

Who is your "Style Icon"?

Thanks for reading! 


  1. If only I could look like her, I'd kill for legs like that! My style icon at the moment is Fearne Cotton, I just love her little quirky outfits!

    1. Oh god me too!

      Love Fearne Cotton! have you seen pics of her from the 2012 BAFTA awards, gorgeous!

      Love your blog! :) x

  2. I love Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr's style... great blog! You have a new follower! x Marina

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  4. I'd kill to look like Kendall, shes gorgeous!