Friday, 17 February 2012

Benefit High Beam - worth the hype?

Is this little 13ml bottle of Sunshine worth €26.50?
People have their variations of opinions on Benefits High Beam, some good some bad. 
My input is defiantly on the good side!  The first time i purchased this product i got for a fraction of the price at €10 at a Make up trade show in Dublin last year! :) When it eventually ran out i can assure you that i went straight to Debenhams and picked up a newbie for the full price! Here is the Link where you can buy online. 

A few of weeks ago myself & a couple of friends went on a road-trip to Wexford town to have a snoop around. Eventually we made our way to the "Foundation Shop" and as usual it was jam packed full of affordable goodies that force me to empty the contents of my purse!
The foundation shop are known for their amazing dupes of the Higher-end products, i am in noway shape or form a label-whore, if it does the job it's good enough for me! 
While i was having a potter around i can across Sunshine Glow, a product from W7. 


Of course i bought it, mainly due to the fact that it was only like €3!
I will say that the Shine Shine Glow has a much more pinky color to it than High Beam, but when actually applied on the skin, i cant fault it! 

Sorry for the terrible lighting!

On the left it Benefit High Beam, Right is W7 Sun Shine Glow

As you can see from the picture Sun Shine Glow is alot darker in color but when it has been blended i really cant tell the difference. Next time im in either Wexford or bray i will definatly be picking up another couple of bottles! But back to my question, is it worth the hype? YES! I use either my High Beam or Sunshine Glow on a daily basis. I love the dewy finish, and i think we all need a nice glow in these miserable winter months! If you low on funds i would highly recommend Sun shine glow, but if you are prepared to splurge by all mean go for the High Beam! :)

I hope my input has helped for any future purchases! 
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. i have benefit moon beam and high beam...yes they are really expensive...but they last for ever! i think i would buy the mini bottle next time :)

  2. I love high beam, have you tried me me me sunbeam? It's just as good for a fraction of the price :) x

    1. I can't find Me Me Me products anywhere :( x

  3. i like high beam :) but glad there is a cheaper one somewhere!
    lovely post and blog!


  4. So many brands have great dupes for this product, I don't think I'd ever shell out for it, I'd rather save my pennies!

  5. I want to try high bean but don't know how to use it :(

  6. I would be prepared to splurge, I love high beam and have re-purchased 3 or 4 times now! I use it in my kit and on brides a lot it's beautiful. Apparently back in the day Kylie used it on her bum cheeks when she wore 'those' hot pants!!!xxx

  7. so pleased i found this been looking for a cheaper dupe every where

    love the blog!

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