Monday, 13 February 2012

Soap & Glory - Original Pink

Firstly, how cute is this bottle?

Late last week, my mum came home with this for me, (she's the best!). I'm a huge Soap & Glory junkie yet i didn't know they even had perfume! I got this in a box set along with the infamous 150ml Righteous Body Butter, well the perfume smells the exact same! Alot of people compare the Soap & Glory scent to Miss Dior - Cherie (which is my favorite perfume of all time!), and their not far off! I find Original Pink a tad bit sweeter though. 

The box set my mum got me, she got if from boots i think! :)

This morning for instants, I got a shower, then afterwards smothered myself in "The Righteous Butter", let it dry, then had a few squirts of "The Original Pink". I would advise you not to go too mad on the perfume though, as it can be pretty over-powering if not used evenly, but as an all over product, i love it! :) It is also a far cheaper option to Miss Dior- Cherie ;)

So, have you tried it? Let me know! Thanks for reading :)


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